The Most Common Cold Calling Mistake

Cold calling is not dead. In fact, in our digitally saturated landscape, it’s actually the most direct way to reach anyone.

Still, it’s understandable that people tend to resist it. The whole idea can feel so uncomfortable!

Sales reps are thinking: “Ok first, I gotta dial up some busy executive who has absolutely no desire to talk to me. Then I need to convince them to stay on the phone with me as I interrupt their busy day to pitch them a meeting. Then I have to overcome their objections to set the meeting…. ehhh I think I’ll just stick to email.”

But heres the trick- if you can master cold calling, you’re using a channel that your competition is probably too afraid to navigate, giving you the lead gen advantage.

The hardest part is starting off the call and it’s within that very first line where people make the most common cold calling mistake.

Think about the first words out of your mouth when you call up a prospect.

Got it? Good.

Did you hear yourself saying “Hi Bob, I’m {Your Name} from {Your Company}, do you have a minute?”

Sorry guys, but Bob hung up. In order to keep him next time, we need to figure out why.

Let’s look at it from Bob’s point of view. He has no idea who you are or what you want. He assumes you’re selling something and that he’s the wrong person for you to be selling to.

Is he right?

Not if you did your research and know who to contact. So then, what does Bob need to understand right away to realize that he should be talking to you?

He needs to realize that he is the right person. Dingdingding!!!

Let’s try it this way:

“Hi Bob, I’m looking for the person who handles {Job function particular to Bob}, would that be you?”

Bob: “Why, yes it is, how can I help you?”

And we're off!

Most cold callers refrain from starting out with this question because they find it redundant. I’ve heard pushback from SDRs who hadn’t yet tried this method, insisting “but Bob already knows his job! If you ask him it shows you didn’t do your research!”

Not so, friends. You see, you may know that Bob is the right guy to reach, but he doesn’t know it yet. Having him verify a function that he handles will tell him you are in the right place, thus earning you more time to get on with your call.

Curious to see how this works? There's only one way to find out!

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