The #1 Killer of Amazing Cold Email Copy

I see it all the time:

A business owner comes to me with a solid cold email copy that should be generating a steady stream of leads.

It reads really well, follows the right format, nails the precise pain points, and clearly communicates the value proposition… but it bombs. Despite everything going well with the copy, the business just cannot catch a break.

So the owner will ask me to fix up the cold email copy. There is no way I’ll let a business owner over-pay for something that’s already done right. Instead, I help them recognize the real problem and this one’s a doozie.

Put yourself for a moment, in the position of the prospect. You receive this amazing cold email that hits all the right notes and makes you feel inspired to learn more about the company. What is the very first thing you do?

Check out their website.

When you get there, you realize that the content of the email and the content of the site do not match up at all. The website doesn’t seem to understand you like that email did; it can’t predict your pain points, it doesn’t show you clear value. Maybe it even reads the way a used car salesman talks, at which point you actually develop a deep-seeded mistrust for the brand from their perceived over-promises.

Many small businesses and startups who don’t use professional copywriting for their websites aren’t even aware this is happening. They tend to look at website copy as words on a page that describe what they do. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your website is your strongest salesperson (and at a 24/7 operating sprint, it’s also your hardest-working). In turn, your website copy needs to do more than just describe— it needs to sell and sell masterfully.

Using an effective cold email to pour traffic into a website that isn’t professionally written is one of the most devastating mistakes for lead gen. You get one shot to make a great first impression. If you've gotten your customer profile perfectly poised to reel in swarms of people, a bad website will zap them like an electric fly trap, destroying any future chance of opportunity.

So, when a business owner asks me to solve this problem, I lay it all out to help them see the true issue: they wrote their own website to try to contain costs, but ultimately it’s costing them tenfold, compared with a a properly done copy. They're trying to run the marathon without prepping and just now realizing that they’ve pulled both their hamstrings, thrown out their back, and worn out the soles of their sneakers, while the other runners continue to rush past them.

This is a problem that’s easily fixed. The only question concerns the priorities of the business and whether cost-effective lead gen is one of them.

Learn to Write Copy that Converts

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