If You Don't Know How to Sell, Use this Instead

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Yet, despite its incomparable value, it often gets a bad rap.

We’ve become programmed to avoid emails and LinkedIn requests from salespeople because many resort to shady tactics. Without a doubt, there is definitely a right way to do sales. You’ll know what it looks like if you’ve ever bought anything from anyone, especially if you weren’t interested at first.

There is one factor that every successful salesperson from all corners of the earth has in common. This quality matters more than any strategy or tactic you could ever try. It will help anyone with limited sales experience jumpstart their closing ability as they continue to learn such a complex craft.

After you strip away all the strong communication skills, the artful responses to objections, the attentive resolution of pain points, every superstar salesperson has this:


And not just any type, I’m talking about unparalleled expertise in their field. They know their prospects’ problems and goals better than the prospects themselves. They predict what people are up against with ease and educate them on the ideal solution.

Knowledge creates trust because it’s easy to prove that you know what you’re talking about. In fact, the most common reason why some salespeople resort to shady tactics in the first place is because they don’t have all the industry knowledge they need, so they look for a shortcut instead. That’s just the salesperson being resourceful and striving to do their job. It’s the company that is to blame for not providing them adequate knowledge-based training.

If you’re an entrepreneur with bottomless knowledge in your field, there’s only one thing to add to convert that knowledge into sales:

The desire to help.

Sales has never been about coaxing people into buying things. Sales is about helping people. You have a valuable solution to an agonizing problem they live with. They may not see at first why their problem is so troublesome or why your solution is their best option. Your role is to help them understand their own issue and educate them on the fix.

Knowledge + the desire to help = the key fundamentals of sales

An entrepreneur with no sales training vs. a sales rep with little industry knowledge is a matchup with a predictable outcome. Knowledge wins every time when you add the desire to help.

Sales is ever-evolving. The strategies of yesterday seem laughably ridiculous today. But no matter how the best sales practices continue to develop, one thing will always remain constant:

If you’re deeply knowledgeable and you want to help people, you’re off to a successful start.

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