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A collection of my most recent work




The Challenge

Wellnite had a doozie of a messaging challenge. As a B2C telehealth site, they cater to an audience who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety. Their competition chose to focus on how depression and anxiety make people feel, but they didn't consider the way every personal struggle is different. Consumers voiced an overwhelmingly negative response to that approach all over the competitors' social media.


The Copy 


After conducting in-depth market research, I determined a unifying message that Wellnite's target audience could all rally behind. The messaging I created focuses on the patient as the hero, making their way through an uphill mental health challenge. Wellnite is their treatment champion, throwing out all the rules of traditional healthcare limitations to make quality care accessible. Shifting the focus to portray a more positive and unifying message showed initial results of 84% conversion within days of the new copy going live.

Brand Messaging  |  Website Copy  | Content Marketing


The Challenge

Deconstructed Drinks is the brainchild of an experienced barista and entrepreneur, launching his premier online masterclass. The course delivers step-by-step video tutorials that teache the amateur barista to become an expert practically overnight.

The owner needed to put his best foot forward with a landing page that converts browsers into buyers. In order to get there, he needed a cohesive brand message to tell his story and a persuasive sales copy to educate consumers and lead them to make a quick decision.

The Copy


By interviewing the owner and researching the barista niche, I determined that consumers would care most about learning quickly, mastering unique skills, and impressing their friends and family. The copy needed to appeal to a spectrum of buyer personas from the home chef to the novice working barista. I created a landing page centered around the appeal of the course to each buyer persona. I then structured the copy layout to walk the consumer through the psychological steps of conversion.  

Brand Messaging  |  Website Copy


The Challenge


Junk Busters is a localized B2B and B2C junk haul business in upstate Washington. The family-owned and operated company had just launched when they reached out in search of a copywriter. They wanted a website that would put them on the map SEO-wise and blow their competitors out of the water.


The Copy


I focused the copy on why a business or residential consumer would choose this service over anyone else. The answer was simple: these people love what they do. They love it so much, they'll treat every job with the utmost care. Not to mention, they're extensively qualified, bringing both a business and military background to the table. It was important for the copy to reflect that in multiple places in order to make it memorable.


As for the educational component, people don't always realize the importance of recycling and donating their junk. I incorporated upbeat language around the company's commitment to recycling and donation to help consumers understand they're doing right by other people and the environment. The ultimate goal for this copy is to make people think to themselves: I trust these guys, I feel good about this choice, and I had no idea a website about junk could make me smile ear to ear.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 10.46.00 AM.pn

Brand Messaging  |  Website Copy


The Challenge


Le Rambouillet is a luxury concierge service, catering to affluent individuals in search of an authentic and fulfilling adventure. The owner needed to narrow down the messaging for his brand and express it eloquently in language that would enthrall his discerning audience. To add an extra layer to the challenge, English is his second language, so he needed precise attention to detail that would identify grammatical errors and misspellings throughout his supporting content.


The Copy

I completed a total overhaul of his brand messaging and website copy, identifying grammatical errors in his logo that no one has pointed out to him for years. The end result is a copy that commands profound emotion from the well-to-do consumer in search of an invigorating and cultural experience.

Brand Messaging  |  Website Copy | Content Marketing