Shouldn't Your Sales Copywriter Know How to Sell?

You’re here because you need your words to sell. You need buyers to read about your product, internalize the benefits, and feel compelled to take action. Traditionally, you’d look for a badass copywriter. But there’s just one problem:


How can you be sure they’ll use words to sell your product if they’ve never sold anything before?


I don't mean in writing. Technically, all you need to make selling possible is to offer a product and a way to buy it. I'm talking about human to human interaction. Interrupting someone's day to sell them the solution they never knew they urgently needed.

Copy started out for me as a passion hobby. Just a scrawny little teenager, nerding out over how to use words to drive people to action. I began writing cold emails, sales pages, ads— any form of persuasive writing I could wrap my mind around.


It wasn’t long though before I realized the harsh reality of sales copywriting: You really need the ‘sales’ part to make it work. And I just didn’t have that in my arsenal.


I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t alone. Turns out, most copywriters have never been practicing sales professionals. If you’ve ever had a copywriter try to pitch you on their services, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. That sparked an idea that would come to define my career: I would write copy that sells to humans by learning how to sell to them myself.


This is where you might be thinking “wait— but isn’t copywriting more of a marketing role?” Yes…. but also no. Traditionally speaking, copywriters are marketers. That’s why we’re great at coming up with snappy tag lines and creative campaign concepts. But getting into the mindset of your target buyers, predicting their objections and how to overcome them, understanding the nuance of how they make a series of micro-decisions, leading up to finish line where they convert to paying customers…. No profession obsesses over that like sales.


I started out small— mostly retail and short B2B contract roles because, well, I was young and still in school pursuing my degree in linguistics. Within a few years, I began working in a number of influential startups that gave me all the tools and training I could ask for. Billion-dollar valuation tech ‘unicorns’ as they call them- companies with industry-disrupting products and a wealth of resources to invest in the success of their salesforce.


First thing I did was start listening closely to their seasoned sales pros pacing the floors as they went about pitching to buyers. I wanted to know, what do they say to people that gets them so excited to buy? And how do I channel it through copy to sell using words on a page?


That’s when I realized: selling is not the mystic art form it’s made out to be. It’s a science. And like any science, it’s governed by patterns, rules, and formulas that drive specific outcomes. I just needed to figure out what they are.


Fast forward because let’s be real, you don’t want to hear about all the material I devised, tested, and set on fire. You’d much rather have me get to the point about how I’ve helped startups and small-medium businesses grow their online and sales revenues exponentially.



It all comes down to two things:

1) Conversion copywriting is fueled by the fundamentals of sales.



2) Sales is a formula-driven science. 


Understanding these two concepts, I’ve been able to use copy in some pretty unbelievable ways to help companies convert their target buyers. Ways like:


  • Turning an FAQ page that used to be a website’s afterthought into an objection-handling machine that converted at 84%

  • Using a cold email campaign to set 20-30 qualified sales meetings per week from a single sender account

  • Turning a masterclass landing page into an engaging conversation with the reader, resulting in 33% more conversions

  • Using written sales scripting in a B2B startup to turn every rep into the top-performing rep, regardless of background or experience



Each of these outcomes starts with its own story. The story of how traditional copywriting missed a critical window of opportunity to turn views, clicks, and conversations into high-value customers. 


It’s these narrow little windows that I use sales copy to pry open with a crowbar and let the conversions pour in. I’ll find them in your copy too— things that your audience cares about that traditional copywriting overlooks.


Helping businesses and entrepreneurs see their copy in a strategic new light is part of my passion. The other part is celebrating their wins.


If you’re curious to get my professional take on your website, emails, or other materials you use to convert customers, you can request a call to connect. I’ll take a magnifying sales lens to your copy to find the persuasive piece it’s been missing.

Whether you’re in the early stages of launching a new website or refining your existing materials, there is one thing I hear in my consultations repeatedly: "I have never looked at it that way before." Let's find out where the sales revenue is hiding in your copy.

©2020 Farren Neu

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