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Copy + Sales = Unicorn

You’re here because you need your words to sell. You need buyers who read about your product, become instantly educated and feel compelled to take action.


Traditionally, you’d look for a badass copywriter. But there’s one blaring problem with that:


How can you be sure that their words will sell if they’ve never sold anything before?


It’s tough to drive decision-making when you can’t interact with the people making decisions. I found this early on when I first started out over 15 years ago. Most of my work involved guessing, testing, and measuring the results to help me do better next time. Until I realized that if I’m going to sell through my words, I’d better just learn how to sell.


And so, I began my excursion down the rabbit hole of B2B and B2C sales. I worked within several influential startups and “unicorn” companies, soaking up everything I could learn to fine-tune my skill set. I spent over a decade shadowing brilliant salespeople, producing at the top of their game. And now, I lead and train sales teams to dominate in their markets.


I’ve learned from the most respected salespeople of high-growth companies like Zenefits and ZocDoc. But I realized it wasn’t enough. Selling still felt like an unruly tangle of luck and grit so I knew what I had to do. I needed a way to take everything I’d learned, package it up, and drive it as a scalable strategy.


I wanted to be able to make a winning cold call, write a high-converting landing page, overcome any objection without all the guesswork. And as a student of linguistics, I knew that the way you remove guesswork is by identifying patterns to create formulas.


From that point forward, everything I did involved identifying what makes a sales interaction work. Now, I use what I’ve uncovered to help startups scale using laser-targeted copy that converts.


Conversion copy should live in your sales and marketing to bridge a cohesive brand message. One that your audience reads through your site, hears from your reps, and explores through your marketing content to make your mission memorable.


I ask every business leader I meet with this: is your content being written by someone who has shown success in sales?


And 90% of the time the answer is: "no", followed by "that's a new way to think of it for us, but it makes a world of sense."


Uniting your message with copy that sells can get pretty damn exciting. Think outcomes like:


  • A B2C Telehealth service increasing new member sign-ups by 4000% in two weeks, while raising their CTR 84%.

  • A B2B tech startup producing 7400% more qualified decision-maker opportunities within 60 days.


  • A B2B SaaS company effortlessly setting 20-30 demos per week with cold email copy that compels immediate action.


  • A B2B software team bottling up the formula to a one-call close to produce 6 same-day deals per rep per month, shortening their sales cycles by 89 days.

  • A B2B marketing agency scaling its outbound lead gen from scraps of unqualified prospects to >20 qualified decision-maker opportunites per week.



If you want to learn more about how copy works (and if you're basically dying to understand how it converts), I’ll set aside 30 mins to teach you.



You can pick a time on my calendar with the button below to kick off an introduction. You'll receive an email call invite with a set agenda to help you know what to expect.



Come prepared to tell me what sets your brand apart and what you wish your whole audience knew about you.