Shouldn't your Sales Copywriter Know how to Sell?

You’re here because you need your words to sell. You need buyers to want to learn about your product, become true believers, and feel compelled to take action. Traditionally, you’d look for a badass copywriter. But there’s just one problem:


How can you be sure that they’ll sell your product if they’ve never actually sold anything before?


I don't mean selling through writing. Technically, all you need to make a sale possible is a product and a way to buy it. I'm talking about human to human interaction. Interrupting someone's day to illuminate them on the product that excites them to their core.


When I first took up copywriting over 15 years ago, I never could have predicted how critical learning to sell would become. That was, until I spent years trying to hack it the old fashioned way with mountains of courses and textbooks that taught me very little about how people actually buy.


No matter how much I researched, once I sat down to write, I could not see through the thick wall of words between me and the customer. I would wait in anguish for my copy to start converting until one day, the harsh reality hit me: it wasn’t the copy that didn’t know how to sell… it was me.


I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t alone. Turns out, most copywriters have never had to actively sell a product. If you’ve ever had a copywriter try to pitch you on their services, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

By and large, copywriters are marketers. We’re adept at crafting snappy tag lines and creative campaign concepts. But getting into the mindset of your audience, predicting their objections and understanding how they make decisions… no profession obsesses over that like sales.


I knew that if I wanted to help people sell with their words, it was sales that I had to break into. With a bit of luck and a truckload of grit, I was hired into my first B2B tech “unicorn” (that’s Silicon Valley’s shiny label for a business under 7 years old with a valuation over $1 Billion). I got to join trailblazing startups like ZocDoc and Zenefits who seemingly dropped out of the sky and revolutionized entire industries.


The thing to know about these types of companies is that they invest like crazy in creating tactical sales specialists. Not the kind of sales you’d see in Wolf of Wall Street. Real selling is laced with empathy. It’s a deliberate and consultative science that guides the buyer step by step through the obstacle course of their own challenges.


I felt as if I had hit the mega-jackpot. All the elements of a first-class sales education delivered by award-winning companies and coaches were right at my fingertips. I had the opportunity to learn directly from leaders of globally recognized selling authorities like Salesforce and renowned coaches like John Barrows. Yet, the greatest wealth of knowledge came from the sales floor itself. Spending five days a week pitching your heart out exposes you a different side of people. You begin to understand how people really think when making a buying decision. Their fears, desires, and deep-seated hesitations come creeping out of the woodwork.


It wasn’t long before my nerdy obsession with mastering all things sales began to truly pay off. Within weeks, I was out-pacing the sales floor in the race to produce the most buyer meetings. Within months, I was ringing in deals upward of $35k in annual contract value within single-hour phone calls. And within years, I was leading tenacious sales teams to drive soaring growth for their companies.


Selling slaps the rose-colored glasses fresh off your face as you learn to see products through the eyes of the people who are actually buying them. I was finally able to see what I wish I had understood years ago: no one reads copy to ooh and ah at meaningless flowery language. People read copy to get value.

As buyers, we want copy that reaches out and grabs us. Makes us feel as if we’re the only ones it could have possibly been written for. Gradually, as it wins us over, we lend it our most precious asset: our trust. Our concerns and anxieties disintegrate away as our thirst to take action sets in. By that point, we come to realize we’re not being sold to at all… we’re the ones selling ourselves.


Thanks to the experience of working in sales, I’ve had the privilege of helping over 200 startups and businesses pull off some pretty remarkable things with their copy.


Like the bland FAQ page, cast aside as a website’s afterthought. It started out as a place for a healthcare startup to post their Q&A, but transformed into something much greater: an objection-handling machine that made the founders do a double-take when they saw it converting at 80%.


Or the cold email campaign that went weeks without landing a single response. An extremely bored B2B sales team was plagued by its dry spell before we turned it into their trusty appointment generator. The 20-30 meetings they’d set each week filled every rep’s calendar as the company flew past its quarterly revenue goal by 200%.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned through stories like these, it’s that nothing can make or break revenue quite like copy. No matter how life-altering a product may be, people don’t want to learn about it until the copy gives them a damn good reason.


I believe that every entrepreneur and business should get to see their copy through the unique lens of conversion copywriting. So, if things aren’t converting right now the way that they should, let’s get connected to understand why. You can request a one-on-one call with me for an in-depth breakdown of your copy. Over the course of 20 minutes, we’ll identify what makes your audience tick and what may be scaring them away. You’ll take away actionable tips you can put to immediate use to start seeing higher conversions.


These appointments are limited for reasons you might expect (sadly, I’m just one person with only so many hours in a day). Therefore, if you’d like to book yourself a free consultation, you can do so by clicking the blue button below and tell me about the conversion challenges you’re up against.


Regardless of my availability, I do promise this: you’ll get back a speedy and personal response (not some useless canned template that wastes your time). Please be sure to provide your website link so that I can learn a bit about your company and the products you're selling.


And hey, I'm glad you made it here to delve into the rich benefits that conversion copywriting has to offer. That puts you a cut above your competition and proves you’re a steadfast believer in what a difference the right words can make.

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