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Copywriting just went from frustrating art to predictable science.

Welcome to the science of conversion copywriting.

It's about time you two got acquainted. After all, the words you use on your website and in your sales pitches shape the way your audience feels about you.


Your audience has an incredible ability to persuade themselves to buy. The style of writing that elevates them to that state of decisive action is called conversion copywriting.

I'm Farren Neu, copywriter of 15 years.​ I harnessed the science of conversion by becoming a seasoned sales leader. 



I've had the life-altering experience of selling within two billion-dollar 'unicorn' startups and dozens of high-performing sales teams and agencies. I took what I've learned from each opportunity and extracted the core selling concepts that drive people into action.


My background in linguistics taught me the tools to take years' worth of sales expertise and boil it down into reliable formulas that convert. It's through this method that I help startups and growing businesses use copy to grab their audience's attention and usher them through to the close.

You can read my full story to learn how I turn words on a page into celebrations of hitting your sales targets here.



Compel action from your audience with strategic sales  copy.

Content Creation

Convey trusted authority with credible content.

Lead Generation

Generate qualified new business leads at a reliable rate.


Enhance your existing copy with a layer of style and persuasion .

Business Leaders Love Sales Copy

"Farren is incredibly smart when it comes to all things go-to-market, having the unique ability to discuss high-level strategy while also paying attention to the granular tactical details. Her experience in previous sales and growth roles really shows, and I would recommend anyone looking to increase their sales to seek out her advice."

Bruce Marable, CEO at Employee Cycle

—  Name, Title

Learn How to Make your Copy Sell

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