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Copywriting just went from frustrating art to predictable science.

Welcome to the science of conversion copywriting.

It's about time you two got acquainted. After all, the words you use on your website and in your sales pitches shape the way your prospects think of you.


You need your audience to be able to see your brand the way you do. The type of writing that elevates people to your level, helping them make the decision to buy, is called conversion copywriting.

I'm Farren Neu, Conversion Copywriter of 15 years.​ I turned regular old copywriting into a high-converting science by becoming a copy unicorn.



That doesn't mean I sport a cool set of wings or have a magical horn (sorry to disappoint!) Copy unicorns are an endangered species of writer who bring deep sales experience to the table. They know how to sell with their words because they sell to people all the time. I've built my foundation in B2B and B2C sales to marry copy with conversion as the ideal soulmates they are.


My background in linguistics taught me the tools to take everything I've learned about sales and boil it down into reliable copywriting formulas. I use them to help companies engage their audience, inspire burning curiosity, and compel people to take action.

You can read my full story to learn how I turn words on a page into celebrations of hitting your sales targets here.



If you need a catchy website, ads, and emails. 

Content Creation

If you need a credible blog or marketing content.

Lead Generation

If you need swarms of new business leads.

Growth Consulting

If you need a team player to navigate the right growth plan for your startup.

People I've helped

"Farren is incredibly smart when it comes to all things go-to-market, having the unique ability to discuss high-level strategy while also paying attention to the granular tactical details. Her experience in previous sales and growth roles really shows, and I would recommend anyone looking to increase their sales to seek out her advice."

Bruce Marable, CEO at Employee Cycle

—  Name, Title

Learn to Write Copy that Sells