Let Your Copy Do The Selling

Your online copy is the single greatest revenue generator you have in your business. How hard is it working for you?

Have your words learned how to sell?

You have a salesperson working for you that never sleeps. Never takes time off, never draws a salary, never makes you sit through long meetings- best hire ever.


Naturally, you’d want to make sure they’re doing an outstanding job. You’d check that they’re delivering consistent monthly revenue and if something were off, you’d for sure want it fixed. Thing is, you do have this bulletproof superhero of a salesperson and the great news is that you always will.


I’m of course talking about your copy. All the words on your website, in your sales emails, on your landing pages that you use to convert new customers. So, what kind of salesperson has your copy been for you? Are they delivering the kind of numbers that make you want to kick back with a mojito and watch your climbing revenue roll in?


If you feel like your sales copy could be working harder for you and delivering greater profits, then read on, this is for you.


My name is Farren and I've helped over 200 startups and entrepreneurs use copy to exceed their online revenue targets. It wasn't long after I first started copywriting 15 years ago that I realized something important:


If you want your words to hustle like a 24/7  salesperson, your copywriter should know how to sell.

It blew my mind to learn that most sales copywriters (aka conversion copywriters) never learn the craft of sales as practicing sales professionals. I was super curious to see if I could do it differently. 


I’ve had the career-altering experience of selling within two billion-dollar ’unicorn' startups and serving as a sales leader for dozens of high-performing teams and agencies. I lead business development organizations to grow their lead production exponentially and inside sales teams to deliver consistent monthly quotas

My sales career has given me greater insight into how people buy and why they hesitate. I channel those insights into written words that businesses use to treat their copy like the all-star salesperson it is. Curious to learn how I figured it out? You can read my story and why my clients are always finding reasons to celebrate here.


Compel action from your audience with strategic sales  copy.

Convey trusted authority with credible content.

Generate qualified new business leads at a reliable rate.

Enhance your existing copy with a layer of style and persuasion .

What Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Have to Say

"Farren is incredibly smart when it comes to all things go-to-market, having the unique ability to discuss high-level strategy while also paying attention to the granular tactical details. Her experience in previous sales and growth roles really shows, and I would recommend anyone looking to increase their sales to seek out her advice."

Bruce Marable, CEO at Employee Cycle

Learn How to Make your Copy Sell Harder

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